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Molly Malone?

Dear friend,

Remember we ran an article in the November issue of the magazine about the “class of 2007”?

This is the regulation that is going to see large numbers of “non-essential” foreign workers on Bermuda have to leave after spending six years on the island.

Well, now that the deadline is looming for the first batch of workers, waiting to see if the Bermudian department of immigration has given them exempted status or not before they have to pack their bags in April 2007.

D-Day looms for ex-pats

The local Bermudian comment columns are humming with stinging criticism :

Six-year work permit rule is bad for Bermudians


Govt. must admit its term limits policy is a mistake

I just thought you’d like to read all this for yourself — it is a fascinating insight into the bitterly divided political tensions of Bermuda, which are always simmering under the surface, waiting to bubble over.

Check out the debate on the popular Bermudian blog A Limey in Bermuda

As one of the comments posted on the blog says:

"I hear the women in Dublin are beautiful. And the beer and golf are pretty good too”.

Maybe he has a point!

But one thing we know about Bermuda is that, despite all the political tensions, the powers that be are extremely pragmatic and practical.

I’m sure that if they see this well-meaning rule (designed to promote opportunities for locals) causing damage to the territory’s standing as a good place to do business, they would amend it immediately.

After all, if Bermuda accidentally starts driving key people away, its loss will be someone else’s gain.

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