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Nip, tuck

I love this business, warts and all.

Aging bucks of the market, you’re not the catch you once were in your youth. Unsightly folds hang where once taut flesh proudly sprang.

Your hair is becoming a Jekyll and Hyde affair.

Atop your head sits meek and retiring Dr Jekyll, thinning like an Indonesian rainforest when the loggers are in town. Yet in nasal cavities and eyebrow territory rages a follicular Mr Hyde, sprouting thick twigs of wiry whiskers that would not seem out of place on a toilet brush.

Evidence of time’s inexorable erosion is all around.

Wrinkles gather around the eyes like tributaries of a great river returning to their source.

Whilst it may be tempting to get a little cosmetic work done to keep the old dear happy — don’t do it. All great stories start as heroic tragedies but eventually degenerate into farce.

Don’t let it be you. You’re no spring chicken, you’ll never get away with it.

And you must admit that even though the skin around your neck sometimes wobbles like an old turkey, you still have a certain grizzled charm that some ladies still find attractive.

You’ve got a certain amount of the Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood look about you.

If things look too perfect, they don’t look real.

Sorry to be cryptic, but here’s a fun challenge.

Look at the week’s news and try and spot the old turkey, sporting a few battle scars but still managing to cut something of a rakish dash.

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