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London bomb

Dear friend,

This is getting to be a nasty habit - a suspected car bomb was discovered in the small hours of this morning in the street where Reinsurance Magazine's offices are located, in Haymarket in the heart of London's theatre district.

The area has been cordoned off, which means we shan't have access to the office for some time and that we will probably not be able to get the weekly news alert out to you today.

The good news is that there are no reports of injuries or damage and the BBC reports that police have said that they have made safe what they describe as a 'potentially viable explosive device' via a controlled explosion.

It's all really frustrating, but we need to give the cops time to gather as much evidence as they need so they can catch whoever did this.

Yesterday we changed government in one of our periodic 'very British coups' where no votes are cast and no shots are fired. Presumably the plotters wanted to change that and remind our new Prime Minister that they can still be a force to be reckoned with.

There was no warning given, which is the hallmark of the usual suspects.

Or who knows?

These days it seems every crank with a grievance is at it - animal rights, divorced fathers, disgruntled ex employees of Incisive Media?!

I'll keep you posted!

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