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London Bomb II

Dear friend,

Well, it’s good to be alive — that’s all I can say.

It turned out last week’s car bomb was parked right slap bang outside our offices — and there was a second device parked round the corner, but it got towed away by central London’s over efficient parking attendants before it could go off.

So it was a case of the messianic zeal of terrorists partially thwarted by the equally extreme and deranged obsessions of the Westminster parking squad — at 2am on a Thursday night.

You’d think it was safe to park anywhere at that time of night without getting a ticket, but apparently not!

All very wryly amusing I suppose — but then two other lunatics decided to ram their way into Glasgow airport, north of the border.

Somehow I don’t think these guys are put of by the prospect of being towed.

But maybe if our security services deployed anything like the vim and vigour of our crack parking forces, less ‘cleanskins’ would get this close to killing innocent bystanders

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