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Come on, prick my bubble

Dear friend,

Another hectic Monte over and a flip though the old notebook may reveal a collage of collective wisdom.

Or on the other hand, it may not.

Let's have a little rundown of some of my particular favourites, adding in what my inner demon might respond to them all, if only he were brave enough:

"In this case, one plus one equalled two point two"
It's when one plus one equals four that you really need to worry!

"Lloyd's is at a peak of attractiveness"
Just like Tsa Tsa Gabor!

"We used to have to trust underwriters, now we can see what they are doing"
But now you can see what they are doing, can you trust yourselves?

"Why retain more in a soft market?"
Because it's better than placing it with a reinsurer who goes bust and stops paying.

"It's not a question of being liked or not"
Why does no-one like you?

"There is no direct market - only the broker market"
There are no modest brokers, full stop.

"We're going to double the size of the company" trebling our wage bill!

"No company ever died from overstaffing"
But have you ever seen how much a claims broker can eat?

Normal service will be resumed next week!

Until then, have a good rest.

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