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Not just glorified email

Dear friend

This amused me today

A global tech giant has launched a new Acord-based messaging system so that the London market can get into electronic data transfer.

I always remember interviewing a true-blue London executive who’d probably heard too much (and spent too much money for little reward) on tech babble in his time.

He said “until they show me something that is not just glorified email, then I’m not interested”

Well, two and a half years, many millions and one collapsed Kinnect later and let’s play spot the exciting new London market technology, shall we?

Here is an extract from the marketing literature:

“A key strength of the XXXX is that it offers insurers and brokers an extremely low cost and simple staged entry into electronic trading (through email) so that they can take advantage of many of the benefits of data transfer at the same time as their systems are being upgraded to handle full external connectivity.”

Did you see that? Email!

Okay it’s only transitional — and it should be cheap and probably get some of the smaller brokers coming out of their shells and weaned off paper.

Maybe it's what we need - to do something small to show the sceptics that tried and tested technology can be applied without costing the earth and taking forever to implement?

But it’s hardly Web 2.0 is it?

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