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Physician heal thy former self

Dear friend,

This made me laugh this morning:

London's market reform group (MRG) has reported some pretty good take up of the new electronic claims file (ECF) by (re)insurers and brokers - but they missed their third quarter target and it looked like they were probably going to miss the 100% take-up by year end target too.

So out with the big stick from Sue Langley of Lloyd's, who played a reverse variation on the name and shame game.

Instead of naming and shaming she named and praised the good guys who were already 100% adoptive of the new technology.

But of course in doing that she omitted the others.

Who needs noise when silences such as these can be so deafening?

Sue used to work at Hiscox as chief operating officer and chaired the G6 group of large progressive, reform-minded managing agents that was formed in the wake of the Kinnect disaster.

This band of brothers was going to go it alone if necessary and show the small techno-laggards a clean pair of heels.

Funny then that not a single one of these has yet adopted the ECF fully!

They might all soon be preparing for a visit from their former chair!

PS.. And can you spot the obvious major omission on the broking side?

I'll send a bottle of Rioja to the first one to comment with the correct answer! (Editor's decision is final).

Comments (2)

Marc Jones:

Um... let me see... Willis?

Mark Geoghegan:

A bottle of Rioja to that man!

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