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The curse of Reinsurance Magazine

Dear friend,

Drat! Bang goes another one.

The cup of knowledge is cruelly dashed from my lips, (just as I was getting a taste for it, too).

Is it better to have supped the nectar of the Gods and suffer the torment of its absence or to life in ignorance of its exquisite aroma and bouquet?

Is a grey and colourless life one less worth living than a shorter but more spectacular one lived with vigour and to the full?

What’s all this about?

Well, no sooner do I get to do a one-to-one TV interview with a senior exec, are they ousted or spirited away to pastures new. The first one I did was with Julian Samengo-Turner and Ron Whyte when they were running GCFac’s operations.

We did the whole thing in one take, creating our own peculiar Reinsurance homage to the opening scenes of A Touch of Evil by Orson Welles, or The Player by Robert Altman. Never mind No Country For Old Men, the stuff coming out of Reinsurance Towers was truly worthy of the award for Best Picture!

Didn’t last long, though — a few phone calls from the Mssrs Clements, a quick legal flurry and they were over at Integro. My hopes of glory were dashed.

Next came David Spiller of Guy Carpenter – an excellent interviewee with an exclusive rebuttal of the Connecticut Attorney General’s latest assault on the Guy Carp body corporate.

We didn’t know it at the time, but of course we were doomed — one Storms, a Cherkasky and a Duperreault later and David was out the door faster than you can say “Marsh and McLennan”. And Reinsurance TV was back to square one!

Who next dares brave the curse of Reinsurance Magazine?

We’re working on it, dear reader, we’re working on it

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