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When the wind blows

Dear friend,

I had previously wondered whether the whole fuss about renewable energy was just a bit of marketing spin.

I wondered why on earth these risks needed to be underwritten by specialist teams with separate brands.

Why not just keep them in the energy teams? I mean, energy is energy and turbines are turbines, right?

Wrong. Check out what happens to this wind turbine when the wind blows too hard: (Note: you have to wait 17 seconds for the fun to start)

Now I understand what all the fuss is about - no wonder everyone wants to keep these things separate!

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The scary part about that is that it was the second windmill built by Vestas to fail in Denmark within 7 days. The breaks that are supposed to help slow the windmill during excessive winds seem to be failing.

With a self proclaimed 35,000 of these installed, watch for the potential of more losses on the horizon. No pun intended.

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