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Another summer day at Lloyd's....

Alex Ferguson writes....

While standing around Lloyd's in the beautiful summer London weather on Wednesday (read: rain), I noticed a couple of things that I thought important to communicate to you.

When the clock chimes 1pm on the Lloyd's floor, the place to be is not inside: it's outside. The rush out of one of the world's biggest insurance exchange's is something I'm sure only Moses and the boys saw following him across the Red Sea. And instead of the Red Sea closing on the Lloyd's underwriters, brokers and work experience types like it did the Egyptian army, the flood kept on coming.

The Lamb, based in Leadenhall Market, wasn't packed today - despite the rain and the thirsty looks exiting Tower 1 today - so where is everyone going for their lunchtime pint?

Answers on a postcard please.....the first round's on us!

Secondly, I was stunned by the dress wear around Lloyd's. Apart from this scabby journalist who didn't bother wearing a tie for his contact (sorry, sir!), I noticed a group of well-dressed American students 'hanging out' outside Tower 3. They were wearing the usual shirts and ties, but one messy-haired student was wearing a pair of 'Jesus sandals' and holding his 'dress shoes' (American word for 'smart shoes).

Let's hope he didn't walk into Lloyd's showing his (rather grimy) feet. In the old days he would have been thrown out on his ear, wouldn't he? Or would it have been a somewhat despairing frown?

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