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The King is dead, long live the king

Alex Ferguson writes....

I ran into a Lloyd’s broker on Wednesday who told me this wonderful story.

“I told a client that the broker was the best in the business. He then promptly left to a competitor. I received a call from the client who asked: “Now that this chap’s gone to a competitor, is he still the best in the business?” I replied: “Yes”. I’ve still got the business today – 23 years on.”

I also remember a conversation with two chaps outside a hostelry in EC3. “Johnny X (we’ll keep him nameless for charitable purposes) was such a nice chap when he was with us.”

What? You mean that just because someone leaves you they are not a nice bloke, even if they’ve gone to a competitor.

You see, dear reader, I write this because our editor Mark Geoghegan is off to better-paid waters. At the time of writing, he was last seen trying to digest a 300g steak from the Gaucho Grill. And we wish him all the best – not only the digestion part, but also his career.

For me personally – and all at Reinsurance Towers – has been an inspiration and great fun to have around the office. As an ex-broker, he can tell a great underwriter from one that’s, let’s say, less mecurial, and he knows a good broker from one that talks about as much bull as he eats.
As they say in Mark’s favourite country- Spain – “Adios, amigo”. I couldn’t think of a better way to put it.

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