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He’s back!

Alex Ferguson writes:

After departing Guy Carpenter just a few months ago, David Spiller is back in town, taking up the chairman’s position at Heritage Underwriting, a unit of Bermudian (re)insurer Argo.

I was having lunch today with two senior brokers, and the three of us – while watching the hop, skip and jump of the Olympics – were talking about what happens to senior figures in the market.

One name that came up was former XL chief operating officer Henry Keeling, who left the company earlier this month.

“Keeling’s not going to retire, he’s too young,” said one of the brokers, echoing the same thoughts ringing round Reinsurance Towers earlier that day.

But – as you know, dear reader – the question is: who?

And now the (re)insurance universe has stopped worrying about the whereabouts of Mr Spiller, we can now say: “Where are thou going, Mr Keeling?”

Anyone who can come up with the answer let us know here at Reinsurance Towers.

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