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Happy Barack Obama Day!

To most of you, it's a Tuesday. But to American Democrats the world over, today's probably going to get rechristened as "Barack Obama Inauguration Day". We at Reinsurance Towers have gone one further and called it "Barack Obama Day".

Welcome to the presidency, Mr Obama.

It's not like you don't have enough to sort out.

What's going to be first? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or financial armageddon on Wall Street?

What's going to be first? Closing the tax loophole for overseas reinsurers in the USA or sorting out one of the world's biggest jokes - a country without a national health insurance system?

What's going to be first? Giving another bailout to the banks or giving another bailout to the car manufacturers?

People aren't expecting Rome to get rebuilt in a day. But people are expecting something...anything to make them feel that you're not going to be like the last President.

President Obama, you've gone around the world with the statement: Yes, we can.

The question is is: Can you?

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