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Third hand smoke?

Alexander Ferguson writes:
Right, so you've finished a quiet cigarette (not that anyone would condone that sort of thing) outside the pub/bar/cafe/restaurant and you come back in, obviously reeking of it.

The Wrigley's Spearmint can't solve it.
Nor can the Mentos or assorted breathmints that you used to bring to school with you in an effort to assure the world that no, you weren't partial to a Marlboro Light.

Well now, even your smoky clothes can cause problems: it's called "third hand smoke".

This New York Times article explains why.

You can see the day that this appears in front of a judge.

"You see, your honour, I had to retire from my work early. It wasn't because of the fact that I was bad at my job cleaning up outside the pub. It was because of third hand smoke. I just couldn't manage it anymore."


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