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God's guide to the economy

Being a good churchgoer (heck, there are no atheists in foxholes in these times), I was sent this email by evangelistic duo Rory and Wendy Alec, who run God TV in the UK.

The email was entitled: "Thrving in economic downturn? Here's how".

Instead of telling you to hide cash underneath your bed, go into gold, bet on government bonds or simply, well, pray, they tell you to go and buy the DVDs of Larry Bates, a well-known Christian economist.

Apparently he offers you a number of things you wouldn't normally read on, like: "The truth about the mortgage crisis" (I wonder if he'll say the immortal words, refinancing's a b*** right now?!), what to do about your own real estate (our advice: pray the bank doesn't make a phonecall); financial tips for thriving in an economic downturn!

Oh, and it'll all be made available to you if you send a gift of £32 or more.

We at Reinsurance Towers are slightly tempted to get out the chequebook. Why? Well, what can Larry tell us that we haven't already learned from hours on, newswire websites and the suchlike? Or does Mr Bates have some divine knowledge that can set His Investment theory apart from ours?

And another thing: would love to see how the Vatican's invested assets are doing right now.

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