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Merger madness

Last week Reinsurance Towers took a little trip to Bermuda, hitting the 10,000 air miles traveled mark over the last four weeks (who says reinsurance isn't fun??).

While the island was fairly subdued with everyone still recovering from their Monte Carlo hangovers, there was still hot talk in the offices and, ahem, Little Venice, about mergers and acquisitions. There are rumors of a big announcement to come this week - with some talking about Montpelier being in the mix (No comment etc etc etc).

Here are a few deals we here at Reinsurance Towers think might happen...well, maybe in a million years.

Guy Carpenter & Aon Benfield - Move over Starbucks, there's a new boy in town. Zaffino and Appel team up to create a monster broker Guy Aon Benfield Carpenter in a not-so-secret attempt at world domination before turning on one another in an epic battle for supremacy. Thousands lose their jobs - but at least Manchester United's sponsor looks cool!

JLT & AHJ & Towers Perrin - A three way merger to combat the Evil Empire! Little brokers unite!

BMS & Willis - To create BM Willis because they start feeling left out

Munich Re & Hannover Re - Germany vs. Switzerland in the ultimate reinsurance battle

Scor & Swiss Re - Because the French just have to get involved

Max Capital & Endurance - Just because our inner child would love to see a reinsurer called Max Endurance...

Kat Blackler, Martin Hughes & Alex Ferguson - Not a bad Reinsurance team anyway even if we do say so ourselves.

P.S. As our latest product for the "crackberry" addicts amongst you we've launched a special mobile version of our website we share with our sister magazine Post. You can either access the site via your mobile phone browser at or you can download a free phone desktop link via the Blackberry at

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