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Q: What do Bermuda and Iran have in common?

A: Reinsurance Magazine

We at Reinsurance Towers are used to getting the not so subtle subject change from some of our favorite PR's when asking their spokespeople what could be known as contentious questions.

Usually anything involving politics, major losses and the ever popular "personal issues" topic leads to an intervention - at least before a certain amount of alcohol has been consumed - so you can imagine my surprise when a PR neglected to steer me to the door when the topic of conversation strayed to US politics with a certain broker MD.

I only had to mention the words US and sanctions for this Middle Eastern broker to let loose. The chap even referred to the US "starting the Roman decline" if they continue along the current line they are moving towards with Iran. Although as a broker currently doing business in Iran perhaps he is more than a little bit biased...

Elsewhere in the world of Reinsurance Towers this week the little Bermuda event we have been planning for 17th March is starting to take shape, whilst the market is captive on the island before flights to New York and London begin the day after WIF.

(And yes, I am aware of the very bad joke there - I couldn't resist)

We're currently creating a website so you can sign up to attend. I'll make sure to add it here as soon as it is up and running later this week. In the meantime please do email me ([email protected]) if you are stuck on the island looking for something to do that morning and I can send you more details.

Have a good week

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