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In June 2009 I became senior reporter of Reinsurance magazine.

When Blog-re was first created in 2005, by the then editor, blogging was a relatively new phenomenon. Various experiments were conducted and eventually Blog-re emerged as this, a separate website where readers can get an insight into the strange and varied world of a Reinsurance Magazine journalist.

At the time Blog-re was the only reinsurance commentary blog, since then a few of the more forward thinking and technologically minded of our industry have started posting their own thoughts in cyber-space so we thought we’d give this site a little bit of a spruce up.

So here we are — welcome to — probably the world’s first reinsurance commentary weblog, the new and improved version.

Join in the debate or just sit back and enjoy — the choice is yours.

Katherine Blackler, senior reporter and blogger-in-chief Reinsurance Magazine.

PS. I highly recommend you get signed up to our RSS feed. The great thing about blogs is that we can now post when the mood takes us — not just on Fridays.

Being signed up to an RSS feed means you can see straight away whenever we’ve posted something new, without having to come looking at the site all of the time — a miracle of modern communication. And do what I do — if you don’t understand how to do it – get a techie to do it for you!

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"Welcome to the reinsurance industry’s first dedicated blog!
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